Interested in a Custom Piece?

If you are interested in having your own custom piece made, like this large tarot card storage box for example, that is a possibility! Perhaps you saw something you liked that is sold out and you would like it recreated (I have a whole section for past items that are often used as references for customs) or you have a unique idea that you hope to see come to life. Whatever the case, there is usually a way to make it happen. I periodically DO accept orders for custom pieces and the way to request these pieces is to use my custom request form. You can access this doc by viewing my Instagram account and clicking the link in my bio. You can also access it here.

I will reach out to you when I am able to work on your piece. If you don't hear from me right away, don't worry! Your request will still be in and still active.

Thank you for your support in my art! I appreciate it immensely and will always do my best to bring you the highest quality product that I possibly can.

Shipping Delays!!!

I will always do my absolute best to get your pieces shipped to you in whatever shipping method you select, however please bare with me. While I always strive to get each item out in 2-6 days, sometimes there are times when other factors are in play. I may have a large number of other orders, there may be custom items which can take anywhere from a week to a month depending on the item, and there may be things like weather or covid restrictions. So while I always do my best to make sure you receive your package as fast as possible, please just keep in mind I'm just one person trying to fill multiple orders. ***ORDERS CAN TAKE UP TO 3 WEEKS TO SHIP I'M INUNDATED WITH ORDERS OR THERE ARE OTHER REASONS THAT CAUSE DELAY!!! *** As always, I appreciate your support more than you even know, and your satisfaction is truly important to me and I will always give my best effort to make sure you're happy. My priority is ALWAYS to ship as fast as possible.